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Ardmore GAA Club, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Western Junior Champions 1950 Poem

Western Junior Champions 1950

At Dungarvan’s famous Shandon Field, that dark and stormy day,
Our fifteen youthful footballers togged off to start the fray;
The popular opinion was that they could never stand,
The dash and skill of Cappoquin, far famed across the land.

Our supporters came in hundreds to cheer the boys along,
And prove to football critics, their opinions were all wrong;
The team played brilliant football, til the final whistle blew,
And seldom on that Shandon green, a match so fast and clean was seen.

At four o’clock the teams lined out, the important match to play,
The ball is in, the game is on, the battle is in full sway;
An unlucky goal gave Cappoquin a good substantial lead,
But our boys were quick to rally, with dash and skill and speed.

They followed up with another point, our hopes were sinking fast,
But Keane came to the fore and soon a goal was to our score;
The cheers were loud and hearty and war cries rent the air,
And hearts were filled with hope, instead of dark despair.

Bold Hallahan from Monatrea, the equaliser scored,
The half time whistle sounded, with level scores aboard;
Supporters scrambled on the pitch, their respective teams to greet,
The issue still lay wide open, with both sides hard to beat.

On resuming play our backs shone out, and played the game like men,
With Mansfield, Mulcahy and Power, who played with the strength of ten;
Our goalie, Bill O’Connell, Mick Mullaney brave and true,
Jim Keevers and Jim Cullen, shone well for the white and blue.

Moss Cullen and John Burke were there, at the centre of the field,
And with superior play from both, Cappoquin were forced to yield;
The forwards then got busy, against the wind and rain,
And Burke soon found the back of the net, a one goal lead to gain.

The forward line was fast and sharp, and played a hectic game,
With Curran and Bill Allen, and Mooney who earned fame;
Another score was added, to our comfortable lead,
As Hallahan pointed accurately, a well accomplished deed.

The final whistle soon shrilled out, and the match was truly won,
The players were greeted on the field, and chaired off one by one;
The dressing room was crowded, with fans from far and near,
To pay their tribute to the boys, who well deserved a cheer.

A special word of merit goes, to trainers, Fitz, Lincoln and Cullen,
Who were so deeply interested, and showed us what to do;
To Cappoquin we extend our hands and hope to meet again,
To play the game for what it’s worth, to win or lose like men.

P.S: Trainers note: ‘The Ardmore team trained on salted mackerel and porter!’